About Us

Knowledge Training Institute (KTI) is an independent training institution with more than 10 years of experience in the field of training.
We believe that the importance of continuous training as a platform is essential for human development and institutional capacity-building.
The mission of Knowledge Training Institute (KTI) is to furnish an environment that endows aspiring trainees with competitive skills and capabilities that is refined to integrate the latest knowledge and technological advancements in their respective organizations.
In response to the global comprehensive development, we have promising training programs to meet the contemporary needs of organizations and individuals to develop knowledge, skills, capabilities, and behaviors, through the transfer of expertise and the latest ideas globally, then distinguish individual and organizational performance in their respective business.
One of the distinguishing features of the company, its strive to cater to the needs of customers by utilizing the expertise and refined experience of top professionals across the nation and around the globe, our instructors come with extensive global training experience by working with world class organizations .

KTI ensures that all activities run efficiently throughout the designated training sessions, meticulously striving to keep all proceedings under track.
We have been successfully providing our clients with professional solutions, as well as expertise in the Excellency, management and creativity & innovation,

Knowledge Training Institute (KTI) offers an impressive range of training such as leadership & management, finance &accounting, Health & safety , Policing & investigations and law enforcement science ,
Our experienced multilingual instructors provide these services to a large number of organizations government and private.

Our Commitment

Knowledge Training Institute (KTI) is committed to applying international standards of training by assisting trainee’s to development their knowledge, skills that enhance productivity, profitability, competitiveness, Excellency and promote quality of work environment of their organization .

Why KTI?

We offer one of the widest ranges of training programmes according to international standards, we don’t just train you to meet standards – we help you to understand how to embed them into your organization.
We also offer a variety of pre-course assessments about the specific training requirements of your trainee’s, as well as post-course resources and evaluations covering what they have taken away from the training as well as gathering feedback about their training experience.
Most organizations are under pressure to determine the effectiveness of their training events and we are positive that your company is not an exception, therefore we offer a range of tools and assessments, including a 360° in-house evaluation system that will enable you to answer the question “Did the training work?”
We have a team of expert instructors working across the world who can transfer the knowledge, skills and tools your people need to embed standards of excellence into your organization. They have vast amounts of training and assessment experience, and work across a wide range of business sectors.
We know the best ways to transform your organization by training to enhance productivity, profitability and organisation performance.